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Meet Sarah Beth Lindell

Photograph of Sarah Lindell
Altered image of a mammatus cloud formation with definition "the mother cloud"

Welcome to Mammatus Studio! I'm Sarah, the hands and heart behind the handmade creations you'll find here. As you explore my world of ceramic planters, vases, and art, let me share a little about myself and the journey that led me to this passion.

Emerging from the Latin word "mamma," which signifies "breast" or "udder," the term "Mammatus" paints a picture of cloud formations—resembling pouches or even mammary glands—frequently adorning the sky. These formations stand as symbolic representations of nature's nurturing, life-bestowing energies. They beautifully parallel the nurturing essence of motherhood, much like a mother cloud caring for its offspring. Just as a mother nurtures her child, my artistic voyage mirrors this nurturing process, fostering not only my creative evolution but also my personal growth.

Beyond being an artist, I am a devoted mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. These roles remind me of the beauty and connections that enrich our lives every day. As someone on a journey of growth, I am also working to embrace the title of a recovering perfectionist – learning to celebrate the imperfect and find beauty in the unexpected.  My venture into ceramics is an organic fusion of my deep love for nature and a winding path in the creative arts. Drawing from my background as a musician, sculptor, and landscape architect, and fueled by my fascination with plants and clouds, I shape each piece with reverence for the elements that surround us.

Life took an unexpected turn in January of 2020 when a traumatic brain injury redirected my path, forcing me to step away from my 17-year career in Landscape Architecture. My days became consumed by chronic migraine headaches until clay emerged as a lifeline, coaxing me out of bed and back into the realm of creativity. The tactile embrace of clay became my solace, a therapy that gently guided me into a new chapter of artistic expression.

Here, within the realm of clay, I can keep my hands in the dirt and my head in the clouds. This space is where my journey of discovery thrives, where I pour my heart into every piece, hoping to infuse a bit of solace and wonder into your world too. So, when you hold a piece from Mammatus Studio, know that it's not just a ceramic creation; it's a piece of my story. It's a testament to resilience, a celebration of embracing imperfections, and a tribute to the therapeutic power of creativity. Thank you for joining me on this artistic expedition – here's to finding beauty in both the grounding earth and the endless sky.

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