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stem six

Discover a handmade vase that effortlessly embodies the essence of midcentury modern design, showcasing its versatility in both adorned and unadorned states. Its unassuming charm lies in the understated beauty of its simple, clean lines, complemented by a gentle flourish at the top, which unveils a graceful play of contrasting colors. This unpretentious yet elegant vase perfectly complements the presence of a vibrant bouquet, enhancing its allure in a truly captivating manner.


All vases are handmade by Sarah Lindell in Los Angeles, CA. The nature and beauty of clay and handmade work is that each individual piece is unique with variations in form, scale and finish. No two pieces will be exactly alike.

stem six

  • Please note all dimensions are approximate. If a shown item is out of stock and you would like to pre-order one, the exact measurements, form and glaze finish may vary. Please read the store policies prior to purchase and feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the potential of a preorder.


    Vase Information:


    • handmade vase: high-fire stoneware
    • glaze: matte brown/turquoise, matte brown/pink, satin black/glossy white
    • height: ~7.25"
    • width: ~4"
  • Please read all of the information in the Store Policies section of the website prior to purchase of any piece.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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